OPAXIS provides energy consulting and development services for companies, organizations and communities.
focuses on improving energy efficiency and performance of its clients.

   OPAXIS aims to become a leading contributor to more sustainable energy resources utilization by
                Providing solutions for consuming energy efficiently and
                Taking on projects based on cleaner and more efficient energy technologies such as distributed generation.

Energy is one of the most essential elements of sustainability of life on earth. Sustainable production and efficient consumption of energy are essential for generations to come to maintain and enhance quality of life for all humans. Also, at the organizational and community level, the cost of energy is a significant component of overall operational expenses. Therefore, managing energy consumption efficiently has a potentially large positive impact on the cost of operations in organizations and communities.

In the US, buildings account for 40% of total energy consumption (residential 22%, commercial 18%). Industry consumes 32% and transportation consumes 28% of the total energy. 
 There are tremendous opportunities to increase efficiency in energy consumption in all three segments. For example, there exist technologies in lighting, HVAC and building envelope to increase energy efficiency of building operations where energy loss due to inefficiencies in energy consumption is about 30%. 

Current efforts for increasing energy efficiency and the use of clean energy resources combined with new technologies such as electrification of cars provide an environment in energy similar to “telecommunications revolution” of the late 20th century. Having participated in that era of development with tremendous benefits to the humanity, founder of OPAXIS established the company with the purpose of contributing to this “energy revolution” taking place now.

OPAXIS concentrates on energy resource development projects using distributed energy concepts. Currently, cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) systems using natural gas fuel is the most appropriate technology for the clients served by OPAXiS.  OPAXIS believes that the CHP technology is one of the key drivers in developing smarter and more efficient energy generation until distributed systems based on renewable resources such as solar PV becomes more common.